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Starlight: "Братва! Мы не хотим стрелять. Мы наблюдаем. Предупреждаю. Кто будет дергаться всех перемочим."

A collaborative effort with Calveen
Also check him out he's making really neat stuff over here.

It's been awhile i'm not post anything cuz i had a tests. Plus a final examination it's coming up next week.

Inspiration(as always)……

Geek stuff:

Materials and assets:
Map: black_void
Enhanced Starlight:
Leather Jacket:
Sunset Shimmer overhaul:
Enhanced Trixie:
Bat from TF2
Flood lights from L4D2
Magic particles:

See ya soon.
safe1613202 artist:calveen72 artist:whiteskyline124 starlight glimmer45556 sunset shimmer58811 trixie63915 changeling42828 unicorn284270 3d67548 ak-47344 ak-7462 assault rifle790 bmw111 bmw 7-series3 bmw e383 car5689 counterparts862 glowing horn17652 gun15041 horn51626 levitation11116 looking at you152091 magic68275 mercedes-benz83 mercedes-benz s-class3 mercedes-benz w1402 rifle3519 sky12570 source filmmaker41010 telekinesis25571 twilight's counterparts885 weapon28369


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It's a matter of time
In some fact yes. But I tryed to combinate ideas from other films. Like Brigada (2002) or Zhmurki (2005).
But yeah if someone's saws a BMW750il on the street they're 100% sure that person watched a Bumer lmao.