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safe (1456881)artist:徐詩珮 (5556)fizzlepop berrytwist (6290)glitter drops (4064)tempest shadow (12253)oc (538881)oc:betty pop (760)oc:vesty sparkle (142)unicorn (214685)my little pony: the movie (16806)alternate hairstyle (21744)broken horn (10129)ear piercing (17432)earring (14746)female (784168)glittershadow (3580)horn (28444)jewelry (40790)lesbian (83983)lineart (16300)magical lesbian spawn (8671)mare (350116)mother and daughter (4337)next generation (5479)oc x oc (11366)offspring (29432)offspring shipping (687)parent:flash sentry (2246)parent:glitter drops (1048)parents:flashlight (1939)parents:glittershadow (956)parent:tempest shadow (1694)parent:twilight sparkle (6390)piercing (29206)shipping (168196)traditional art (99866)

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