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safe (1449056)artist:bobthedalek (819)firelight (294)starlight glimmer (38933)pony (716207)unicorn (211666)cute (152247)dialogue (51613)father and daughter (1928)female (777792)filly (51759)filly starlight (361)flailing (400)frown (19889)glimmerbetes (2978)grocery list (1)kite (639)list (290)madorable (402)male (264036)open mouth (106452)reeee (193)screaming (2558)shopping (331)shopping cart (128)simple background (296146)sitting (46947)skree (113)stallion (75402)tantrum (100)text (41693)that pony sure does love kites (210)tongue out (77316)underhoof (41898)white background (73791)wide eyes (14714)younger (14071)


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Background Pony #865B
Starlight Glimmer: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I will kill your ass fucker because you are cheated!
Firelight: Starlight, why did you have a temper tantrum because you were throwing foals!
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You know how I know I spent too much time at work today? I looked at the cart and wondered how it could turn. All of the casters are rigid, there’s no swivel-mounted ones.
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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!
"I like the way your daughter skreees. Would you mind if I can give her some singing lessons?"

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