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Commission for stec-corduroyroad
HTML5 turnable
safe1753338 artist:v747216 oc713208 oc only466087 oc:corduroy road68 earth pony267039 pony1012986 3d80557 action pose1199 baseball cap2194 butt66230 cap4826 clothes476852 commission73263 crossdressing9700 dock52145 hat90579 male388852 one-piece swimsuit4785 plot82174 solo1096146 stallion116067 swimsuit29814 underhoof53831 water14282


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Background Pony #5084
damn, check out the turnable if you haven’t, this artist is really something else, awesome stuff

Well, it’s a one-piece. One-piece swimsuits in almost every form are considered “feminine”, so yeah it’s a stallion wearing “feminine” clothing. Of course it looks good on him! Dresses and skirts also look great on stallions too! Just because it looks great on a male doesn’t make the clothing “masculine”. Really all clothing should just be considered gender neutral, so everyone won’t be afraid to wear whatever they want, but that’s a different discussion. Also, this isn’t an anthro pony. He’s just jumping up to hit what looks like a rugby ball or Australian football. There aren’t breasts in the show, not to mention most art of ponies, not even at the crotch. It would be really nice if clothing in Equestria (not to mention planet Earth) wasn’t so gendered. I think everybody deserves the freedom and courage to wear whatever they’d like, no matter their gender. Clothing should be art, not a prison. I too would like to see all stallions wear cute outfits like these. ;P It would not only be super cute, but a great act of gender defiance.
Yeah, it’s not sexual at all. :/ Thank you whoever removed that tag. It’s just a pony playing ball, whatever ball that is. Maybe it’s rugby volleyball.
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This didn’t even come off as a female swimsuit to me. It just looks really good on him. Also without chest breasts I imagine clothing for both sexes in Equestria is far less gendered. Or maybe I just like to imagine that all stallions wear outfits like these.
Really beautiful work! Despite the suggestive tag this doesn’t seem remotely sexualised.