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Alternate source
Image I was working on in last night's livestream that went a bit out of control. It was just supposed to be a Celestia sketch.

[e6 source]
suggestive145528 alternate version47202 artist:suirano1489 princess luna99937 alicorn228595 anthro264771 absolute cleavage3568 armpits43190 big breasts83860 breasts283558 busty princess luna7055 cleavage35133 clothes467392 erect nipples11039 eyebrows5824 eyelashes11572 female1381848 horn70863 huge breasts39025 impossibly large breasts17027 mane1892 mare491244 nipple outline7658 panties50869 royalty1236 sexy30081 solo1078409 solo female181520 sparkles4650 tail29057 thick4506 underwear61681 wide hips17738 wings111478


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@Background Pony #989B
If you want to leave feedback for the artist, please keep your criticism of the piece more constructive. You aren't really giving the artist anything to work with, which makes your post sound like you're just randomly bitching about something you don't like.