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Image I was working on in last night's livestream that went a bit out of control. It was just supposed to be a Celestia

[e6 source]
suggestive145390 alternate version47093 artist:suirano1487 princess celestia95770 alicorn228306 anthro264401 absolute cleavage3559 armpits43176 big breasts83682 breasts283156 busty princess celestia10385 cleavage35089 clothes466877 erect nipples11016 eyebrows5798 eyelashes11519 female1380590 horn70594 huge breasts38942 impossibly large breasts16990 mane1884 mare490528 multicolored mane1604 multicolored tail1222 nipple outline7648 praise the sun2068 purple eyes2450 royalty1234 sexy30034 solo1077560 solo female181408 sparkles4639 stupid sexy celestia1583 tail28998 wide hips17697 wings111212


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