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Image I was working on in last night's livestream that went a bit out of control. It was just supposed to be a Celestia

[e6 source]
suggestive141102 alternate version44132 artist:suirano1480 princess celestia94372 alicorn221649 anthro256911 absolute cleavage3419 armpits42768 big breasts80737 breasts274071 busty princess celestia10135 cleavage34219 clothes454063 erect nipples10479 eyebrows2977 eyelashes9813 female1349316 horn64457 huge breasts37776 impossibly large breasts16586 mane1782 mare473657 multicolored mane1492 multicolored tail1136 nipple outline7367 praise the sun2032 purple eyes2255 royalty1200 sexy28945 solo1053890 solo female178155 sparkles4388 stupid sexy celestia1559 tail26927 wide hips16803 wings104265


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