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Background Pony #3BCD
Is there evidence to prove this?
Moreover, what is the significance for monitoring foreign civilians? the chinese police cannot enforce the law in other countries.
If you say is true, why do some European countries still cooperate with Huawei?
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@Background Pony #A8C6
It's less "trade war" and more "Huawei is functionally indistinguishable from a branch of the PRC government and has been caught numerous times including stolen code, stolen designs, spyware, malware, backdoors, and listening devices in their products, especially servers and 4G/5G equipment". Anyone who allows anything made by Huawei to be installed in anything of any strategic importance whatsoever is completely insane, you might as well just convert all of your vital data to plaintext and email it straight to the PLA's Joint Staff Department.
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Context: Trump banned Huawei from using Google apps and stuff like that.
When big countries play politics games, the ones that are hurt are always the common people.
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