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The great and powerful Trixie, and her assistant prince Harmony, has been doing quite a number of magic performances lately. 1. The handkerchief trick sounds like somepony forgot to mention twilight's boxers 2. Trixie may have found the lost card it's inside Harmony's mouth. 3. Harmony thinks he can magically get out of the chains, but in doing so, Trixie is about to swallow the key, 4. Harmony being the lower half of the box, as Trixie does saw your pony in half.
safe (1504683) artist:lavenderrain24 (127) desert flower (67) hoo'far (429) iahjmehet (22) lunar bay (22) pepperberry (g4) (37) trixie (59395) oc (568486) earth pony (173710) pegasus (214036) pony (781541) saddle arabian (591) unicorn (234858) chains (4114) clothes (383067) female (828808) glowpaz (93) male (282756) mare (376550) somnambula (location) (126) somnambula resident (124) stage (2507) stallion (83002)


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