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safe1972318 artist:skoon974 granny smith5811 queen chrysalis39076 twilight sparkle333016 oc837053 oc:granny changeling3 alicorn274622 changeling58459 changeling queen21141 pony1324389 changeling queen oc2044 clothes559587 comic123907 dialogue80274 embarrassed13611 female1604167 grandmas doing grandma things1 grandmas gonna grandma1 grandmother162 hoof hold10885 humor1102 lineart23397 mare618823 monochrome163721 open mouth197985 partial color6204 photo89359 quadrupedal2077 sitting78704 slippers1202 smiling331494 tree stump617 yelling3807


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Here’s some more headcanon for ya, there was a stallion serving in the Equestrian Infantry at the time who both Granny Smith and Changeling Granny were crushing Hard on, once that stallion fell for somepony else, they both realized how much they share in common with each other, besides their tastes in stallions and became the best of friends.  
Granny Smith was one of the first ponies to openly get over her racism against changelings.
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Needs to know Hebrew.
Congratulations on the first Grandmas Gonna Grandma tag which is much in line with the Mothers Gonna Mother tag.
Also, I’m imagining Granny Changeling having once been in the Changeling Military; right against Granny Smith.