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I just wanted to draw a bulge the size of a zorb because I know someone who wanted to be crushed by it

also any scenario can probably be improved in my eyes by the addition of a null bulge
suggestive129920 artist:krd350 rainbow dash221156 oc610604 oc:clipped wings38 oc:vitruvia29 pegasus248094 pony860380 city3773 cityscape551 colored17829 crotch bulge3935 ear piercing22335 earring18424 fetish35543 frog (hoof)10442 futa41365 futa rainbow dash3375 hoof on hip112 jewelry53230 latex10391 latex suit3023 looking at each other17143 macro10003 on side6398 piercing35727 rear view10373 rubber1425 rubber suit340 sketch57879 underhoof46884


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