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safe1598440 artist:hazardous-andy110 artist:kindheart525723 discord29168 fluttershy201184 gentle breeze309 limestone pie4668 posey shy1105 zephyr breeze2110 oc615541 oc:ametrine11 oc:bedlam57 oc:fire opal25 oc:hawk eye52 oc:star sapphire8 oc:turquoise edge121 dragon49649 hybrid15756 kindverse856 adopted offspring948 discoshy2571 family tree302 female1271408 headcanon2127 interspecies offspring6303 male337893 offspring34600 parent:discord2828 parent:fluttershy4202 parent:limestone pie460 parent:oc:ametrine22 parent:oc:star sapphire22 parent:zephyr breeze620 parents:discoshy950 parents:oc x oc1181 parents:zephyrstone203 shipping186052 straight126094 zephyrstone29


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