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safe1689465 artist:alstiff23 princess celestia94288 princess luna98467 alicorn221233 pony951141 3d74274 angry26788 animated97701 chibi14238 child1971 chubbylestia882 cute197317 donut1981 eclipse573 fat21863 female1347392 filly65466 food69004 glowing horn19274 grin37639 horn64090 immobile2745 magic72377 moon23188 overeating79 royal sisters4356 running5895 smiling243476 sound8659 sun6577 telekinesis27287 tongue out102191 trolluna163 webm13002 weight gain4194 woona5049 younger17203 youtube link4886


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Am I the only one who is annoyed by the sun standing in front of the moon and not the other way around as it should be?

Still cute tho