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suggestive132678 edit123106 edited screencap59249 screencap210864 pinkie pie207529 rarity173823 starlight glimmer45658 twilight sparkle288364 alicorn206171 earth pony216101 pony883949 unicorn285425 the cutie map4031 animated94183 caption20151 cropped46731 dialogue61004 equal cutie mark1405 female1286489 image macro36318 impact font1420 implied facesitting86 innuendo1311 lesbian91880 mare439647 meme79619 s5 starlight1579 shipping188389 text53590 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 twistarlight522


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Background Pony #99C2
To think. They would be considered a common law couple now. (Living together for three years, or one year with a child.)
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