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Yona: Ponies must be fearless

Silverstream: Why’s that?

Ocellus: Well I guess in a sense. There could be ANYTHING inside there. And Sandbar just leapt in without looking!

Gallus: Guys…. it’s a cardboard box. How threatening could it be?

Smolder: Box that small, maybe it has all of Griffonstone’s humour inside.

Gallus: Har. Har.*glares*

Sandbar: Ooooh Cupcakes!

Silverstream: Me next! *pounces*
safe1691337 artist:sintakhra985 sandbar5407 earth pony243052 pony953079 tumblr:studentsix619 behaving like a cat2163 box4577 cardboard box723 colored pupils9580 cute197624 floppy ears51547 looking at you165837 looking up16228 male367678 partial color5159 pony in a box965 sandabetes695 silly7400 silly pony2977 simple background388291 smiling243974 solo1053842 stallion106802 text58767 white background96388


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