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Main story page 8 — Colored

A big single pic page to start the flashback scenes • c •

Made by Shino, colored by ALOS

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safe1601633 artist:alittleofsomething194 artist:shinodage1116 oc617429 oc only413009 oc:delta vee561 oc:mozzarella orgy61 food pony1175 original species22209 pegasus252534 pizza pony117 pony870238 comic:delta vee's junkyard24 bed37426 clothes420154 comic102411 delta vee's junkyard90 equestrian flag245 face not visible115 facing away212 female1274067 floppy ears47206 lying down11234 mare433340 rear view10492 solo993173 stars14068 the ass was fat12853


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Guys guys. Lets just appreciate the lovely here. Also nice Calender there
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@Background Pony #B142
Right now YOU are starting this, by repliying to me, even though my earlier post was descriptive, not a conversation starter.
Seriously, we need to do something with "Anonymous posting", as I have noticed anonymity entices low quality posts.
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