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safe1556970 artist:noidavaliable69 smolder6432 spike74261 dragon46677 bandage5063 bandaged wing63 bed35565 bowl1427 broken arm19 broken leg154 female881233 gem5306 gemstones62 injured3068 injured wing96 male299596 shipping181699 spolder293 straight120228 winged spike7005


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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How long until she’s better but she’s still living with him because she’s grown used to it

Spike: here, it’s alphabet soup, I made in special! get a job
Background Pony #D077
Well, comics were supposed to tap into that potential, and for a while, they succeeded. Until Reflections arc, that's it. It went all downhill from there.
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Dragonlover, Spike Fan
Huh. that's odd Smodler had her first damage which was not bad. But however

Spike had a lot of damages in the past seasons which was insane that he just litterarly almost died during the rainbow cookie zombie apcolipse because you know a lot of survivors had to kill zombies on their way.

however I don't know how many spike's damages are there in the show but I'm pretty sure it's a lot.
Background Pony #D077
I remember all those fanfics about RD injuring her wing, and her having to lay in bed all day. Hundreds of them. And then it actually happened in the show.