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twilight stop that’s too many girlfriends
safe1616105 artist:xdrop-of-inkx3 fizzlepop berrytwist9035 starlight glimmer45658 sunset shimmer58927 tempest shadow16164 trixie64027 twilight sparkle288362 alicorn206168 pony883940 unicorn285423 both cutie marks9613 colored hooves5060 counterparts863 cuddling7900 eye scar4613 eyes closed84118 female1286481 harem843 hug26200 lesbian91880 magical quintet113 mare439643 one eye closed27105 polyamory6428 s5 starlight1579 scar10863 shipping188389 signature20798 simple background361366 sunsetsparkle4158 tempestlight3513 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 twilight sparkle gets all the mares98 twilight's counterparts886 twilight's harem36 twistarlight522 twixie4971


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
@Background Pony #9FBA
Comments by background ponies aren’t changed after a merge though (so if you comment on both images as a background pony, the number won’t change to show both comments are by the same person).

Yeah, I've ran into that once or twice. One time in fact I want in the middle a talk with someone and the merger happened and the person I was talking to got completely confused and demanded the 'new' me stop taking the side of the old me, who from their point of view apparently stopped answering.
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Background Pony #3F79

I tried that once to see what would happen. I think it just selected my upvote. Not sure if it picks which one at random. It certainly doesn't let you vote for both at the same time or twice.

Comments by background ponies aren't changed after a merge though (so if you comment on both images as a background pony, the number won't change to show both comments are by the same person).
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Sci-Twi Lover

Well, actually…
REAL ANSWER: Sorry, dude, but… sighs Unfortunately, this artist seems NOT interested putting Moondancer in this pic because there's NOT enough space in this pic right now, of course, I have counted how much marefriends that Twilight obtains here, which I guess that 4 marefriends should be enough now for temporarily, if we want 5 with Moondancer, then this NEEDS more background space in it so she can fit in there, same thing even if you are talking about Moondancer and the Mane Five (Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy) to be Twilight's marefriends as well (that makes 11 marefriends! How cool is that?), then NEEDS to expand EVEN MORE space than before which this needs an extra edit or re-draw, so this is your ACTUAL answer now, the other three just lying at you and I beat them into a piece of shit, we'll honor Moondancer X Twilight Sparkle in the next art piece.
If you talking about Princess Luna or maybe Princess Celestia, still the same thing what I've mention above.