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suggestive185211 artist:yakovlev-vad591 applejack195998 earth pony421711 pony1475945 g41381968 applebutt6343 applejack is a spankaholic119 blushing261264 butt218578 cheek fluff8855 dock68030 ear fluff47326 featureless crotch8843 female1736909 frog (hoof)19248 hay stalk180 implied rainbow dash1476 leg fluff4539 literal butthurt496 looking at you245661 looking back82345 looking back at you27444 offscreen character49441 onomatopoeia7736 plot135690 raised hoof66482 reddened butt1268 slim3582 solo1379644 solo female224769 spank mark1504 spanking3275 straw in mouth1443 sweat38356 sweatdrop6209 thin2965 underhoof66540


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Yeah, I didn’t quite get it at first but I think it’s meant to be a hoof print, similar to a hand mark if you slap someone hard enough. At first I thought it was a cutiemark.