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Decided to make this because why not, these two are so pure and they need some ship art hhhhhhh
So, this is basically what I imagined their first encounter to be like. Niembla is shy af, and Felix is HECKIN’ out there, and pretty clueless when it comes to personal space XD  
I also think that this is the first time I’ve drawn my new bab (besides his ref)?? I love him hhhhh
Here’s a brief look into their relationship (copied from his profile lmao):
Felix is S U P E R cheesy and lovey dovey when it comes to his marefriend, Niembla. These two met by fate, it seemed. Felix was walking through the University campus that he was teaching at, and he noticed this lovely mare walk past him. She had beautiful colours, and in some way she reminded him of his own colours. Not even thinking before acting, he turned around and caught her attention by putting a hoof on her shoulder. She stopped, tensed, and turned around to see the pony she had just walked past two seconds ago in front of her. He had a huge smile on his face, which… kind of unsettled her.  
He then started by saying that she had beautiful colours that reminded him of himself, and went on to introduce himself. He chatted with her about random things for a few minutes while Niembla just stood there, too shy to leave but too shy to actually say anything back. Eventually, she grew more comfortable around Felix and she introduced herself, and said that she was at the Uni visiting a friend of hers.  
Felix knew at that moment he wanted to (at the very least) become friends with the mare, so he gave her his home address on campus so that if she wanted to either write to him or visit him, she was free to. He encouraged it even!  
The two seperated and, for a while, didn’t see each other.  
Until one day, when Felix was in one of the campus’s many cafes, he saw Niembla again, this time with her friend. They all started talking and Felix invited them over to his apartment to watch a movie, one that they had ended up discussing.  
The awkward thing was, that when they got there, the friend found out that she had a class on and she ‘forgot’ (Though Niembla swears that she did that on purpose so that those two could be alone). She left, leaving Felix and Niembla to awkwardly watch a movie (Though the awkwardness was one-sided by Niembla).  
During the movie Felix kept making comments about certain things he noticed/ liked about the movie, and eventually, Niembla relaxed more around him and she joined in with the discussion.  
Fast forward to about 4 months or so, the two became quite close. It was platonic at first, but Felix was the first to realise that he actually loved her. He told her as such, but she wasn’t convinced till much later (when she realised her own feelings).  
Nowadays, she’s his marefriend, and he couldn’t be more in love than he is with her right now. He’d had plenty of crushes in the past (varying from male to female to ‘other’), but nothing quite like this. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and maybe, just maybe, have foals of their own someday.  
But for now, these two are content in their ways, and will often be hanging out together watching movies or just chatting together in cafes.  
They get along very well with each other, barely ever having fights (they’d be pretty minor anyway). Niembla can be very shy, which can be a problem at times, but he doesn’t mind and will gladly be patient with her and be there for her if she needs him.  
Sometimes, he even intentionally embarrasses her by showing affection in public (whether it’s hoof-holding or kisses on cheeks), just so he can see her beautiful, awkward smile and adorable blushing face.  
…Yeah, he’s got it pretty bad.
It’s not a perfect backstory, and it might end up changing, but for the moment that’s it XD
I know that Niembla is probably going to be changed, but eh this’ll do for now.  
I hope you like it as well, xHalesx !! This is for just as much as it is for me <3
Also a side note, Felix will probably barely ever be drawn with his ref sweater/ flower crown, since he changes it every day (and it gives me something different to draw on him!). XD
~Zoom in for better quality!~
Art by me.  
Characters: xHalesx and Me.
Pond Ponies are a closed species designed by @/Dracini  
Group: Pond-Ponies


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