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My favorite kink ship is Flutter Pet, Please enjoy as much as I enjoy these two <3
safe1588815 artist:pastel-pony-princess337 discord28981 fluttershy199977 butterfly6445 draconequus9165 pegasus248166 pony860515 alternate design2209 bell3808 bell collar1997 bridle3254 cat bell419 clothes415628 collar29295 discoshy2558 female1231016 femsub9337 flutterpet218 hairclip961 leash6911 male331495 maledom4199 pet tag1527 shipping184857 socks57796 spread wings48539 stockings29028 straight122547 striped socks19509 submissive13904 tack3895 thigh highs29179 wings81872


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Background Pony #C7DD
I think so many submissive straight girls seeing this picture may want to be Fluttershy right now.