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My favorite kink ship is Flutter Pet, Please enjoy as much as I enjoy these two <3
safe1724624 artist:pastel-pony-princess344 discord31295 fluttershy214614 butterfly7175 draconequus12161 pegasus298835 pony984866 alternate design2909 bell4505 bell collar2332 bridle3735 cat bell516 clothes466257 collar33754 discoshy2918 female1379145 femsub10891 flutterpet290 hairclip1114 leash7874 male379178 maledom4648 pet tag1761 shipping202451 socks67327 spread wings55604 stockings33390 straight138050 striped socks21638 submissive16895 tack4742 thigh highs37134 wings110866


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Background Pony #C7DD
I think so many submissive straight girls seeing this picture may want to be Fluttershy right now.
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