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suggestive159532 artist:racoonsan602 princess cadance35149 human180139 .psd available381 anime6164 armpits44346 ass58762 beach17416 bikini20671 breasts314995 busty princess cadance3590 butt134243 clothes518099 eyeshadow19257 female1499379 fingernails511 humanized105623 long hair4970 looking at you195814 looking back66919 looking back at you19398 lovebutt1444 makeup26761 milf10799 nail polish9006 outdoors14065 patreon13642 patreon logo9052 sexy34229 smiling296440 solo1181188 solo female195351 sports bra3991 sports panties541 stupid sexy princess cadance428 summer1578 sunscreen627 swimsuit32192 water16122


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The Tastiest
seems like a real reach, of the “green magic aura means Character X is a changeling” after season 3 episodes, which has only happened twice. If you wanted to hint this Cadance is Chrysalis, green eyes is how you’d do it.

Because the choice of colours are pretty much exactly the Chrysalis colour scheme, and it’s seemingly the only way to express that when human skin tones are used?
Background Pony #CE37
Aww, it’s a sidebutt pic, so that means no vagina in the nude. Still a good pic regardless.