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I am diggin this OC right here, i heard there was not much art on her, so let´s change that!
Having a list of how many drawings i have to do may seem as too much pressure at first…
But it has helped me keep track of what is next, so i dont spend too much time saving up contacts and refferences, and just draw as much as i can!
Expect to see more of me on next week!
suggestive170119 artist:nauth907 oc822841 oc only605549 oc:milagra lilac9 unicorn433576 anthro309798 absolute cleavage4583 anthro oc33818 armpits44993 bikini22035 blue eyes8226 breasts335875 cleavage40271 clothes549416 cutie131 female1578838 mare603704 patreon14034 patreon reward2016 sexy36709 solo1245591 solo female204290 swimsuit34249


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