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Second Life Pony Community Photo 2019. 134 total participants. (64 in the original photo, 70 green-screen ‘shopped into the picture). Editing done by me. ~Ember (isolte.ember) in SL.
safe1598462 screencap208474 applejack161112 derpy hooves48374 doctor whooves10317 princess celestia90399 princess luna94757 queen chrysalis33037 rainbow dash222252 sunset shimmer58184 time turner10313 twilight sparkle285845 oc615555 oc:serendypity23 alicorn202230 bat pony43798 breezie2048 changeling41968 earth pony210142 giraffe823 human145104 pegasus251459 pony867833 unicorn278225 zebra15981 anthro236043 princess molestia3157 anthro with ponies2389 bat pony oc14510 bat wings6859 clothes418992 community39 group3097 group photo710 humanized95680 neighberry5 on side6400 photo75937 photoshop3678 prone23769 scarf21198 second life906 sitting56480 standing10665 wings83822 zebra oc2550


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