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A brief moment from a recent dream in my anthro MLP dreamscape.
Applejack swung open the main door to the barn and then sauntered into the still dimly lit interior. Celestia's great orb was still ascending in the east and the summer day was scheduled to be a toasty one. The farm mare was rather annoyed that her big brother had taken off before dawn with Applebloom in one of the family trucks to supposedly run some errands. That left her along with Granny to take care of the immediate morning chores.

AJ mentally corrected herself as she started feeding the pigs. The farm had a new pair of hands to help around the farmstead. Autumn Blaze had moved to Ponyville and was now regular boarder at Sweet Apple Acres. AJ had been pleasantly surprised when the kirin had asked if she could start renting the available spare bedroom. Even more amazing the rest of the family had been supportive of the idea. Even Granny had been onboard with it, and much to AJ's relief Autumn had turned out to be a hard worker and a quick learner. However at the moment she was beginning to wonder where she was?

The yellow-orange mare was about to call her name when she heard somepony stepping into the barn. From the sound of brisk steps AJ knew it wasn't Granny. Turning earth pony began to greet the kirin.

"Mornin Autumn! Look like its a gonna be hot one ta…." Her voice tapered off as finally noticed the kirin's outfit. A very short, and snug, pair of cutoff blue jeans kept a pale lime-green, short sleeved, cotton shirt company. The shirt was pulled up and tied into a knot in the front leaving Autumn's pale cream colored tummy exposed in the morning light. Also the fact the top buttons of the shirt weren't doing their job helped draw attention to her ample cleavage. A simple, short vest of dark brown fabric also seemed to not be interesting in helping cover up this detail.

However it was a medium-tan Stetson-style hat perched on Autumn's head that really caught the AJ's attention. Except for obvious opening for the kirin's horn and the fact that it was brand new; the hat was very close to the one the earth pony wore. After couple seconds AJ realized she was staring at Autumn and resumed her greeting.

"Uh, yeah. Um, morning Autumn! So um yeah it's gonna be…" Applejack's voice faltered as she kept staring at the hat. "Um, Autumn. Where did ya git the hat?" She finally blurted out.

"Oh! Well! Since I'm going to be working on a farm I got myself a new hat! Your friend Rarity was able to get one custom-made for me! Unfortunately regular unicorn sized hats don't work with kirin's because of the shape of our horns."

"Okay…So where did ya git the cutoffs? Ya didn't have any demins old enough ta make some?"

Autumn looked down at the Daisy Dukes. "Ah! Well one of your neighbors. Petina to be exact. Happened to dropped by at the Rarity's boutique while I was ordering the hat. She told me it was going to be getting hot soon around here, but she had some spare clothes she could give me. And they just happened to fit me!"

"Yeah. What luck. Who could've imagined she'd have some stuff that would fit ya." AJ muttered.

The kirin tugged at the vest. "Good thing she gave the vest which has some pockets. Because this shirt doesn't, and well, uh these shorts are bit snug."

Autumn turned partially away from AJ and looked over her shoulder at her backside. "There's not much room in these pockets."

AJ was pretty sure if Autumn had a bit in one of her back pockets she'd would've been able to tell if the coin was heads or tails."

Kirin twirled back around and looked at AJ. The earth pony felt her face grow warm, and it had nothing to do with the rising temperatures. "Um the neckline is a bit low fer a work shirt." She finally muttered.

Autumn stared down at her ample cleavage. "Well, as you can imagine my chest mane makes it difficult to button up a shirt."

She started stroking the long, luxurious, copper-brown hair around her neck and upper chest with one hand. "However if it's really a problem I could get it trimmed or–"

"No!" Exclaimed AJ. "No! Ya don't have ta do that! I, I understand how important a mane kin be fer a mare." The earth pony started slowly stroking her own long, pale gold mane.

Autumn blushed a little. "Thank you for understanding AJ. So let's get these chores done!" She paused for a moment. "Oh! By the way. Your brother left a note on my door this morning. He's asking if later this evening after the barn has cooled down some, if can go up into the loft and see if the hay needed repacking."

AJ quickly pulled the brim her hat down over her face as she felt her white freckle turn bright pink.

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