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The magical madness continues as more and more students are caught in Princess Twilight's magical mishap. And it would seem that humans are not the only ones affected by it…

"Really…? Winona is BIGGER than me? Well that doesn't seem fair."
"Spike! People are turning into ponies everywhere! And dogs are becoming DRAGONS??!"
"I know! Isn't this great?"
"Are you CRAZY?! We can't have dragons roaming all over the place!"
"Course we can. And in time, you all will accept us as your new MASTERS."
"Spike…! Help me fix this, or it's the DOG HOUSE!"
"Yeah, you're right. We should fix this."

"HEEEELP!!! Ah'm a PONY and mah DOG turned into a DRAGON!!"
"*ROAR!!* Woof! Woof!"

Lol! Think those two need to lend Applejack a hand- err… hoof. ^^

A continuation of The Big Whoopsie and its follow-up :D

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With twilight's magical barrier rolled through sweet acres apple farm affecting applejack and sci-twilight along with spike and Winona. As applejack and sci-twilight were turned into ponies when spike was transformed from a canine into a dragon when Winona was also turned into a dragon.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

And how I love Spike's reaction of 'In time, you will learn to accept us as the Masters!' Didn't take him long to turn on his owner, did it?