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It looks like Fluttershy is trying out the mane styles of her friends! Tomorrow we’ll see Pinkie Pie!


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Gore Fics For Fun
Schizophrenia does NOT mean multiple personalities and never has. If you're going to trivialize a mental illness, at least call it the right thing. Removing that tag.
The disorder name you're looking for is dissociative identity disorder, but this isn't that either, because that involves actually assuming the persona and not sharing memories between identities.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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"Okay, my turn."

1.: "Prarie Pride."
2.: "Tried and true."
3.: "Funloving!"
4.: "Gottagofast! (Beat) What?"
5.: "Fashionsense."
6.: "um, Fluttersmart? This wasn't as easy as I thought…"