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This is your life now, Twi. Your kid is being weird and you just have to deal with it. Welcome to parenthood.
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Maybe see if there’s an orange flavored toothpaste?
“Googles” Huh, that is indeed a thing.  
All my experiences tell my mind that oranges and toothpaste don’t mix,  
so my mind am having a really hard time, wrapping itself around this concept, despite logic dictating that it should be quite easy to make.
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I like to imagine Pterus is also doing his best attempt at growling like an angry dog.
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@546 Horsepower  
‘Pterus’ is a Greek import, and English doesn’t really do ‘pt’ at the beginnings of words, just at the ends. So English pronunciation silences the ‘p’, because…English. XD
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A debate, I guess? I’m trying to remember all the context. But the gist is, the explanation is probably the original latin pronunciation and I went with a more American English way. The last paragraph of that person’s link explains it well enough, I think
“The pronunciation you gave in the previous post [in reference to “Tare-us”] on the subject would be a good way to map the word to General American pronunciation. The other way I would anglicize it is as you recommended, except the “e” is pronounced like the ‘ai’ in “air” in General American English instead of the ‘i’ in “rip”.”
The original post: And I did start using the ‘ai’ instead of ‘i’

I think the link you gave explains awesomely how to pronounce it in it’s proper Latin form. Whereas I did what English is good at and bastardized it to make it easier to say.
She’s not contradicting herself if you bother to read.