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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Gimmick Master
I first heard about MLP FiM and its fandom in 2012 (or perhaps 2011, can't remember), but it wasn't until mid 2013 when I finally joined and watched the show for real. I remember watching parts of some episodes in around 2011-2012 though.

I feel like I missed a ton still 😣 Though, I remember when S4 was in the making. Even to this day S4 feels new to me.
Proof Positive

I didn't even hear about this show til Dec 2014, and I fell in love with it instantly. I can definitely relate to this feeling, because I was afraid when I joined, that I was jumping onto a sinking ship, so to speak.

The show started in 2010, and I think the peak of brony fandom hype was around 2012-2013. But thankfully it's still going strong. And it will, for many years to come.
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Background Pony #CF98
Even as someone who started watching this show back when it was still in its first season (February 2011, to be exact), I don't this is entirely accurate. There are tons of movies and shows and whatnot that people didn't (or couldn't) become fans of or take an interest in during their immediate lifespan, and that still thrive today and find new audiences. I mean, people lament all the time the stuff they think this MLP is leaving unanswered, and for the people who have just discovered how good the show is, that's a perfect window to join in the conversation on that. And that's far from the only example of ways in which joining now is not being late to the party, so to speak. I mean, heck, there are fans of this show who remember the G1 era fondly, and every fan of G4 is a newcomer to them. But we make it all work, because there is plenty of life in this franchise and undoubtedly plenty more to look forward to. And honestly, we also need people to keep bring in fresh excitement from time to time. It helps remind the people who have been around from the start how much fun this show can be at times.
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Memer and adventurer
Well, we have a new movie in 2021, EQG is apparently coming again, and we are undoubtably getting a new series at some point here.
Plus, 2020 is full of new comics, manga, books, conventions, fan-competitions, and probably some animated shorts or specials.
So, yeah. You ain't late!
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Background Pony #8D5A
As someone who has only been involved for a year or two I feel this…
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Contains GPE propaganda
I think the fandom in 2020 will be less like the Mojave, and more like Vegas…

Without the show to "sorta" keep a sense of normalcy to the fandom-verse, It'll be…

I don't quite know what it'll be frankly, but it will be entertaining nonetheless.
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Trixie is innocent.
Just because the show is ending doesn't mean the party is over. Take a look at Ed Ed and Eddy, that ended in 2009 and that fandom is still going pretty strong. Also G5 may bring a new wave of brony and pegasisters.
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