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suggestive170660 artist:shonuff44387 princess celestia104266 human198651 big breasts104437 breasts336741 busty princess celestia12070 cleavage40366 clothes550922 commission94580 crown24320 dark skin7332 dress52946 female1582188 flowing hair139 hand on hip10557 huge breasts48403 humanized109102 jewelry88979 lidded eyes38211 lipstick13828 looking at you212987 regalia29005 signature34294 simple background491743 smiling324390 solo1248365 solo female204720 tanned skin13 white background127150


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Go to horny jail! *bonk*
I did that! :3  

That aside I make my Luna dark because I know first hand no matter how much I avoid the sun it won’t get rid of my tan.  
I also know that no matter how white someone is there is only so much melanin one can produce before they either get skin cancer or burned or that ugly tanning machine tan (the kind of a heavy user).  
I also give Luna that tanned skin just to parallel with me. XD
Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
Yeah that’s the weird thing, I can easily picture a human Celestia as a darker or at least tanned skinned woman but I can’t help but envision Luna as a pale white girl.
I’m really not sure what makes me feel that because Luna’s pony form actually is pretty dark toned…. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels that way though.
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3-3/4" Army Man Fan
@Goddess Erosia  
I think a lot of people just try to get their humanizations to match the pony coat coloring - which is why you’ll also see a number of dark skinned Princess Luna and Maud Pie humanizations. Plus, I think the particular shade of purple that’s in Twilight’s mane contrasts nicely on dark skin in the way the shade or purple in, say, Rarity’s, does not.
For the royals, I’ve seen artist’s mainly go one of two ways - make Celestia light skinned and Luna dark skinned to match up with their coat coloring, or make Celestia dark skinned and Luna light skinned to match up how someone who was constantly under their respective heavenly bodies would look.
Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
When it comes to humanization, I never really understood why so many people envision Twilight as a black teen. I just never really saw her that way, even with the darkish purple pony fur I just always felt like she would be a white chick or at least light-ish skinned as a human.
Celestia, on the other hand, I really can’t decide what kind of humanization feels the most natural for her, to me. I can really dig her as either a creamy mommah or a dark skinned sun goddess. I think something between the two like this seems like a great fit, this looks like a great design for her.
Not to mention the absolute MOM BOD :o