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Competitor Poster of /pol/eague 4, with the Jin-Roh Stormtrooper in the middle.
MLPOL was host of this tournament by virtue of being the victor of /pol/eague 3 of 2018.
The stream itself was broadcasted on cytube on 4 play days on 2 successive weekends in June 2019.

TEAMS — Left to Right (Captain)

My Little Politics (Aryanne) — True Capitalist Radio (Ghostler) — /British Politics/ (Farage) — /Christianity General/ (Christ-Chan) — /Fascism General/ (Mussolini) — /Syria Generals/ (Assad) — /leftypol/ (Stalin)

/National Socialism General/ (Hitler) — Italy Politics (Salvini) — /Australia politics/ (Tarrant) — /Netherlands Politics/ (Baudet) — /Balkan Politics/ (Tito) — /President Trump General/ (Blumphy) — /Germany Politics/ (AFD-Chan) — /White South Afrika Politics/ (Border War Boomer)
safe (1503158) oc (567583) oc:aryanne (2977) /mlpol/ (437) /pol/ (115) /pol/ league cup (18) 4chan (5846) 4chan cup (391) 8chan (392) adolf hitler (361) andrew yang (1) benito mussolini (21) black sun (16) brenton tarrant (4) captains (1) contestant (1) donald trump (289) football (1384) jin-roh (1) josef stalin (104) leftypol (4) nazi (3548) nigel farage (4) sports (2579) wallpaper (17158)


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