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safe2116918 artist:shad0w-galaxy821 princess celestia110366 princess luna114715 starlight glimmer58546 twilight sparkle349690 alicorn302561 pony1478126 unicorn512146 g41925755 alicornified7256 alternate universe12468 canterlot6967 cewestia1922 crown28592 ethereal mane12749 female1738627 filly93711 galaxy mane1449 high res103193 hoof shoes9066 jewelry106680 mare702482 patreon14971 pink-mane celestia3071 princess starlight glimmer119 race swap20447 regalia34670 role reversal1764 royal sisters6392 starlicorn579 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145991 ultimate twilight460 unicorn luna70 woona5623 young celestia493 young luna293 younger22205


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Background Pony #A755
What a beautiful pic.
Twilight and Starlight are sisters?!  
See Starlight as an alicorn makes me very happy 😊