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What happens when you recycle characters? Memes, that’s what happens.
safe1949625 artist:bg-redrum2 edit154963 edited screencap79051 screencap258241 applejack186549 cottonflock20 pinkie pie236925 rainbow dash257453 rarity201495 earth pony352287 pegasus396681 pony1299801 unicorn435813 rainbow roadtrip1707 applejack's hat11614 background pony11211 cart1584 cowboy hat21488 dragon ball3136 dragon ball z2132 dragonball z abridged513 female1582669 food86180 hat106793 male451806 mare605956 master ball35 mouth hold20855 nappa19 not big macintosh33 party cannon1923 peach194 poké ball695 pokémon10224 shiny pokémon107 stallion146288 this will end in pain2333


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(the Master Ball fails to catch Shiny Big Mac)  
Pinkie: Aw man, it didn’t work!  
Twilight: That’s because you have to damage it first.  
Pinkie: YAY! Let’s see if I can get a critical!