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safe1614270 artist:rainbow eevee809 diamond tiara9843 princess cadance31052 princess celestia91127 princess luna95443 twilight sparkle288106 alicorn205769 american flag374 barely pony related5927 cute186033 differenze linguistiche4 english887 faic11629 female1284964 foreign language23 france321 french827 german965 germany555 happy28782 imagination281 italian359 italy316 jewelry55173 joy85 lunabetes3287 meme79574 needs more jpeg1422 ponified meme767 princess2100 rage1394 rage face406 siblings6862 simple background360620 sisters7806 sisters-in-law145 smiling224261 spain176 spanish4212 spongebob squarepants2757 tiara3456 twiabetes10825 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118286 united kingdom285 united states775 wat18630 white background90188


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Background Pony #387D
That was incorrect.
It should be xiang xiang li. You can tell the difference between xiang and neng, right? Perhaps you have confused the character 想 with 能?

This phrase in Chinese is rather easy to pronunce even for non-native Chinese speakers. The only difficulty here is the second character, xiang, which sounds like the ch in German but a little blunter. To make it sound right, first you ready your tougue and teeth as if you were going to say year, then put some effort into your teeth squeeze the air flow into a fricative; it should compare to squeezing an r sound into a sh one.

And there you go: Xiang xiang li, with the first syllable pronounced in a lower tone, (yeah, that's actually how we Chinese recognise the tone difference; the down-then-up is way harder,) and the rest falling.
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Background Pony #04CF
Ah, German… the most romantic of the non-Romance languages.

Yeah…….sure……….im a fucking German too and Germany is crap!!!!
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Background Pony #D44B
I mean y'all funny but in this context and in the episode it was "Fantasie" lol
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