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safe1589194 screencap204041 big macintosh27007 carapace (character)47 doctor whooves10131 gallus5901 grampa gruff261 ocellus4605 octavia melody22639 sky beak131 smolder6752 spike75327 spoiled rich991 starlight glimmer44354 sunburst5922 time turner10115 trixie62757 twilight sparkle284820 yona4514 yona's dad10 yona's mom13 alicorn198132 dragon48927 a horse shoe-in1251 brian dobson3 cathy weseluck209 chantal strand22 credits578 dad changeling1 devyn dalton21 gavin langelo17 ian hanlin20 kathleen barr82 katrina salisbury23 kazumi evans66 kelly sheridan152 misspelling2215 peter new128 richard ian cox19 shannon chan-kent55 tara strong1255 terry klassen27 text51814 text only2742 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116242 winged spike7231


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Background Pony #76EB

Yeah, technically Hasbro went with "Dr. Hooves" instead of "Doctor Whooves". Although "Whooves" has actually made it to some merchandise (usually the older ones though).

Interestingly the Gameloft game was first updated from "Time Turner" to Doctor "Whooves" before it was changed to "Dr. Hooves" but there was a time when it was briefly changed back to Doctor "Whooves" (and this was used in the description of the upcoming quests).

I don't know why Hasbro even bothers since the BBC has clearly shown they know about it and don't mind. Doctor Whooves has appeared on an article on the Doctor Who official site and in trivia when one of the episodes was shown in theaters.
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"Dr. Whooves"? But I thought they couldn't use that name as it would be a copyright violation.

The staff is smart enough to remove the "W" from the name. Anything related to doctor Who is mere coincidence now, even when the references are so many that is ridiculous: 3D glasses, the scarf, the bowtie, "allons-y", the face of boe, the lab full of wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff…
Background Pony #76EB

"Time Turner" hasn't actually been used by Hasbro for a long time. Possibly not even since the year it was first introduced. It wasn't long before the Gameloft game was updated to replace "Time Turner". I have no idea why Derpibooru continues to autotag a name that only existed because Hasbro wasn't sure they could use the fan name at the time.
Background Pony #2251
Anyone else find it neat that Starlight's Best friend AND worst enemy are voiced by the same person?
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