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Fluttershy, Coco Pommel and Marble Pie are having a lunch
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safe1947306 artist:cyanlightning1128 coco pommel6625 fluttershy235908 marble pie7418 earth pony351295 pegasus395554 pony1297124 .svg available9425 absurd resolution70723 blushing234935 burger2258 chest fluff52017 chocolate3913 cocobetes780 coffee cup466 cup7635 cute232196 ear fluff40560 eating11473 eclair124 female1580414 folded wings12274 food85982 hair2381 hay burger719 holding4275 marblebetes725 mare604709 one eye closed39145 open mouth193347 shyabetes16698 simple background490974 sitting77133 table11106 the council of shy ponies89 transparent background243369 trio15962 trio female3534 vector83453 wings169277 wink29195


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Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
the only thing is fluttershy’s kind of bleeds into her pupil a little and little marble’s eyelashes don’t turn that color in the same kind of context (shadow cast by mane) so I thought it was a mistake