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Happy 'Christmas in July' peeps!

As the universe continues to keep me from finishing up some upcoming pics, I stumbled upon this old sketch of Starlight Glimmer(dressed as Snowfall Frost) hidden behind a page under an old notebook I'd put into deep storage a long time ago. I honestly almost forgot it even existed but luckily my fatigue striken ass got me going through old notebooks and stuff just to kill time. So afterwards I took the sketch and fixed it all up until the resulting image came out. Im happy with how it came out I guess, and I always thought Glimmy looked super cute in that outfit anyway .

(My Little Pony)Starlight Glimmer/Snowfall Frost- by Hasbro
Art- by Me
Grammar+Spelling- helped by a Good ol' Friend of mine… and Grammarly
suggestive136883 artist:goomingtoll26 snowfall frost714 starlight glimmer47129 pony920356 unicorn302749 bdsm6362 blushing189188 bondage32404 clothes441490 erotic tickling935 exclamation point3555 feather5611 female1319262 femsub10296 fetish38032 gag13942 hat83034 hoof fetish2392 hoof tickling732 horn58842 horn ring5348 magic suppression3770 mare457125 monochrome146744 ribbon6898 sketch60619 solo1031528 solo female175404 submissive15935 suit5582 sweat25090 tickle fetish1644 tickle torture2297 tickling4489 top hat4045 underhoof49766


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