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When Sonata found a magic monkey’s paw, she wished for 5 things: pretty outfits, big tits, big ass, for her sisters to have what she had, and to be super popular with the boys.
This is why you always save the last wish.
suggestive172853 artist:art-2u497 edit156829 editor:theabridgenator217 adagio dazzle14793 aria blaze11138 sonata dusk15138 equestria girls233834 rainbow rocks19209 arse-ia blaze379 ass68659 bedroom eyes72551 big breasts106809 bimbo5864 bimbo adagio101 bimbo aria64 bimbo dazzlings38 bimbo sonata69 breasts343117 busty adagio dazzle1978 busty aria blaze1324 busty dazzlings166 busty sonata dusk2096 butt178873 clothes559122 commission96659 curvy8407 female1603013 females only15134 hourglass figure2296 huge breasts49530 huge butt13423 human coloration6254 hyper13785 hyper breasts6017 impossibly large breasts20631 impossibly thin waist207 large butt25785 leggings2673 photoshop3918 pigtails5663 ponytail22635 prison986 spiked wristband1698 the dazzlings5060 thick5466 thighs22329 this will not end well2123 thunder thighs12626 trio17527 trio female3767 twintails2003 wide hips24502 wristband4510


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Background Pony #DB2B
Ese cuerpo es muy provocativo y putesco expresa sexo y lujuria nada más para las dazzlings ya que ellas se alimentan de magia pero también de energía sexual además el color de piel humano no está nada mal pero mejor esta el color de piel de equestria girls esa piel llama más la atención que este color de piel que le han pintado a los cuerpos lujuriosos de las dazzlings