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Background Pony #CE3B
When ever I think of the devide from Furry and Brony groups all I can think about is THE FGC and SSB

(Fighting Game Community and Super Smash Bros)

For years The two groups went back and forth when it came to disagreements about accepting SSB as an official part of the FGC. SSB as a community was similar but the soo different at the same time.

Years later, when Melee was accepted Melee elitest became ***holes to people who plays other installments of SSB series.

Now when I see Brony and Furry groups not getting along all I see is the same situation but instead of VideoGames its about Fictional Media conventions. here I am again in the middle. I'm a part of both groups but as similar as they are their also different but unlike with the videogames these two groups both have something seriousin common.

BOTH GROUPS ARE OUTCASTS. Even though this isn't the 60s — early 2000s people are still closed minded and and refuse to accept that these groups are a thing with a huge following. most Old farts age 60 and up who didn't get out much and have very little understanding of the Internet say overused crap arguments like:

"But it's all just sexual!"

1.) No, nether group is all about sex. Otherwise it wouldn't be shown to the public eye or on on national tv, dumb***. And when you stop at think about it, Rule 34 is VERY true. So at this point society it is crying over spilled milk while also being full of hypocrisy.

2.) Furries spent the last decade and a half showing how wrong the general public was about the community. Are their Sex-Based areas where they can do stuff? Yes, no duh. But that's not something you can just "accidentally" run into like haters make it seem…hmm…in fact…how would they even know?…yeah…

Anyhow, years later. MLP FIM came along with a group of their own. And yet, even though BOTH communites have a deep focus on ACCEPTENCE both sides treat eachother like crap… my question is: W H Y ?
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Go fsck yourself
"Attention BronyCon attendees: if you're wearing a fursuit, please leave your pipe wrenches, diapers, bongs, drugs, nitrous oxide, pool towels, and hole saws at the registration desk."

Hehe. Yeah, you're right though; they'd keep a tighter lid on things. I do feel bad for furries in the Seattle area, though.
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