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A request for CyberApple456

It's her OC Mistress Chloe Adore with her subs Twilight and Sunset.

This took longer than I liked to finish in GIMP. Everywhere I zoomed in, there was weak and/or dirty lineart that needed repair. Makes me glad I didn't try doing shading or a latex shine. Didn't help that the rough sketches became a bit too complicated to get everypony posed together right. Other than that, it seemed to turn out well enough.


rough sketches

final sketch
suggestive137265 artist:supra80438 sunset shimmer60989 twilight sparkle294330 oc655869 oc:chloe adore81 alicorn215450 unicorn304560 anthro250301 unguligrade anthro46300 ankle cuffs605 anthro oc29131 arm behind back5677 ballgag6918 bdsm6380 belly button74357 blindfold4246 bondage32488 boots20863 bound wings3406 breasts265905 catsuit1293 clothes442721 collar31580 cuffs4177 cutie mark ballgags19 dominatrix2273 evening gloves8070 female1322691 females only11943 femdom7839 femsub10339 gag13976 gagging320 gloves19134 high heel boots5286 horn59580 horn ring5362 latex11238 latex gloves1435 latex stockings305 latex suit3296 leash7400 long gloves5396 magic70958 magic suppression3779 pencil drawing7690 pet play3480 pet tag1647 photoshop3708 shoes34416 socks63860 submissive16017 tack4377 telekinesis26702 thigh boots1459 thigh highs34267 traditional art114875 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121140 twisub829 wings97506


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