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safe1558858 edit114921 edited screencap54135 screencap195551 storm king1082 tempest shadow15164 pony829769 unicorn259104 yeti250 my little pony: the movie17552 antagonist1324 armor21367 broken horn12626 caption17993 comparison3932 crown13583 disney2273 drakken7 fangs21665 female882788 horn40881 horns4593 image macro35298 jewelry49412 kim possible104 mare405973 regalia15819 shego17 similarities114 staff2707 staff of sacanas354 text50018


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Flufux Corporations
A huge difference though is that Shego has virtually no respect for Drakken and mocks or makes fun of him constantly, yet at the same time they really are friends to a degree…while Tempest is straight up terrified of the Storm King, and always acts respectful and obedient when in his presence, and it's also revealed that the Storm King doesn't care for Tempest in the least and is willing to straight up murder her in cold blood the second he no longer needs her around.
Background Pony #98CB
It could been better if Storm king survive and be in jail, because him dead seems kinda weird, while Tempest survive