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safe1638934 artist:hoppip50 lyra heartstrings28733 human148627 pony904706 unicorn295309 bronycon1904 bronycon 2019178 2019481 adventure in the comments1268 autograph363 betrayal505 blessed image10 clothes435449 cropped47334 cursed image578 everything is ruined335 female1304749 irl68547 irl human24853 lauren faust1725 lyra plushie262 mare449551 not salmon2212 pants13377 photo77207 plothole plush lyra145 plushie22923 signature21461 we are going to hell665


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
@The Glim Glam

She's not really offended by clop culture, she's actually talked about how people on boards like that seemed like fine people to be around, and she's against bullying of any kind so she's pretty cool with us in general. This particular image though….

Who knows if she actually knew. Even if she doesn't actually mind, I think she has a right to maintain her image, and this was a cruel thing to trick her with if it wasn't discussed tbh. I would worry about violating someone's trust/consent here.
The Glim Glam
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Glim Glam Fam~


And I don't think she did, but if Lauren knew, she knew exactly what she was signing.

But I doubt it, considering she's not keen with lewd images of her pony character.
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A follower of the stars
It took me a while to get It…but once I realized It I couldn't help but laught and start saying OH MY GOD!!!over and over and over…this is a materpiece in many ways…
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