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One of the most Touching, Heartfelt posters I’ve seen. Will miss you Bronycon! :( XOXO
safe1576950 artist:crikeydave73 applejack158953 fluttershy197949 pinkie pie203377 rainbow dash219534 rarity169837 spike74890 twilight sparkle282929 earth pony199536 pegasus240036 pony846801 unicorn266743 bronycon1632 bronycon 2019135 2019419 crying40194 end of bronycon23 eyes closed80312 group hug777 hug25506 irl62597 mane seven5903 mane six29467 photo70707 traditional art109384


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Background Pony #6EA1
It was a touching experience.
Final ceremonies were emotional.
It's the end, but not the end.