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NOTE: I did not make these pics. All credit goes to the original artist
A lot of people seemed to like the first set of pictures I did from this guy, so I decided to make a second, even bigger one featuring some of my other favorites. I hope you find them as amazing as I do!
I plan on making one or two more in the future, so stay tuned!
Also, here’s a fun little game. Let me know in the comments which one of these beautiful sweethearts you would like to have as your girlfriend 😉❤. You can give a reason if you want, just let me know.
safe1971222 artist:the-butch-x1615 part of a set18343 blueberry cake840 bon bon17819 boulder (pet)1406 cherry crash698 cloudy kicks472 coloratura3315 dj pon-331553 drama letter812 juniper montage1569 lyra heartstrings32154 majorette190 maud pie13933 mystery mint1000 octavia melody25993 paisley794 rose heart736 roseluck5670 sophisticata482 sweet leaf615 sweeten sour190 sweetie drops17819 tennis match576 vinyl scratch31553 wallflower blush2626 watermelody1076 human202744 equestria girls233823 equestria girls series38662 forgotten friendship6223 friendship games13842 mirror magic2770 movie magic1192 spoiler:eqg specials5884 ...2844 adorabon811 adorasexy11387 adventure in the comments1310 arm behind head8467 background human6489 ball5016 bare shoulders5060 baton256 beautiful6914 bed50025 bedroom13630 belt7741 beret2508 big grin196 blank expression75 blazer248 blushing238585 boots28357 bow38139 bowtie12721 bracelet12739 breasts343092 brown eyes898 busty bon bon638 busty cherry crash52 busty lyra heartstrings1125 busty roseluck141 busty vinyl scratch2958 butch's hello132 cafeteria236 canterlot high3411 chair10117 cheerleader3193 choker17334 cinema464 cleavage40951 clothes559058 collarbone387 commission96647 compression shorts1452 concession stand60 crepuscular rays3934 crossed legs4136 cute236127 cuteluck247 cutie mark on clothes4973 disgruntled81 double peace sign326 dress53714 ear piercing35618 earring27263 equestria girls logo866 excited3589 eyes closed120662 faic13816 female1602865 fingerless gloves5830 flower32783 flowerbetes225 football1844 forest12809 freckles36478 glasses77378 gloves25333 grass12668 grin52962 hair bun4316 hat108908 headphones9368 hello185 indoors5146 jacket16246 jazz hands61 jewelry91230 juice1621 juice box1033 junibetes84 kneesocks1212 leather vest176 leggings2673 legs10403 lipstick14051 logo5097 long hair5776 looking at you216990 lyrabetes1614 maudabetes523 meganekko505 miniskirt5763 moe1315 motion blur575 my little pony logo5255 mysterybetes32 nail polish10060 necklace25874 nervous7250 off shoulder1465 one eye closed39871 open mouth197676 outdoors16029 pants18964 peace sign4012 piercing53477 pigtails5663 pillow22480 pin357 plaid skirt721 pleated skirt4298 ponytail22635 raised eyebrow7938 rarabetes214 rock5448 rocker241 scarf28556 schrödinger's pantsu477 sexy37976 shirt32408 shoes49548 shorts17185 shrug1622 signature34978 sitting78592 sitting on grass9 skirt47974 skull3796 sleeveless7223 smiling331080 soccer field234 socks81834 speech bubble31977 sports4903 staircase137 stairs1989 stars19911 strategically covered3317 straw2275 striped sweater90 sun hat1256 sunglasses18377 sunshine302 sweat33637 sweatdrop4623 sweater17323 sweet dreams fuel1885 sweetenbetes6 table11281 tavibetes748 tennis ball1416 theater352 thighs22326 tongue out128533 treble clef68 tree41422 twintails2003 upskirt denied172 vest4751 vinyl's glasses498 vinylbetes756 wall of tags5409 wallflower and plants81 waving3668 window11276 wink29620 wondercolts733 wristband4510 yorick31


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I’d choose Coloratura. Her voice is just as beautiful as Amy Lee’s and her finale song in the original episode was also really good.
If not her then Wallflower Blush; while I do sympathize with her plight, she really could have done something herself to help ease how agonized she felt, That still does not excuse what she did though. Plus, she is pretty.
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Majorette is a good choice in my book. For all the good things I said about the other two, Wallflower doesn’t seem like the type of person who would do well in a romantic relationship and Mystery Mint, being a rocker, can be a bit loud most of the time. The latter in particular may run you ragged with her energetic nature.😉
However, just to be nice, I’ll allow you to choose two girls. You can have both Wallflower and Majorette if you like.
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IDK wth is going on
Yes, but then it helps all of them so they’re still about even :/
On the other hand, it would seem from some of the comments here that there would be some competition for Wallflower and I’d hate to overwhelm her with all the attention so I might have to begrudgingly let her go
If it’s any consolation though, I think I’m very slightly leaning towards Majorette now, at least after discounting Wallflower I’m sorry, adorable one :C