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Background Pony #3E3C
yeah I just want to say and explain how dragon's age work like is spike still a baby? in human/pony years yes but he's elither a teenager or adult cause for some who watches equestia girls movie when spike follow twilight into the human world twilight became a human vision of herself and spike…becomes a dog so…dragon years are the same as dog years so in short spike is the oldest of the mare 6 in dragon/dog years
if he's 12 in human years
in dog/dragon years 12x7=84
so yeah he's both young and older than the mare 6 so yeah that's your question/anser~ziltromon
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Background Pony #B76C
I honestly don't have a problem with Rarity wanting to have Spike in the intimate sense.For me, he stopped being a baby dragon some time ago. But some people don't give him a right for growth.
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Background Pony #5C11
People need to stop harping on something that was used one time back in season one. Spike is obviously not a baby and is dating an adult/late teen and both are well functioning with jobs. Stop with the pedo memes.
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