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Pinkie Pie — Laughter
Rainbow Dash — Loyalty
Applejack — Honesty
Fluttershy — Kindness
Rarity — Generosity
Twilight Sparkle — Friendship
Sunset Shimmer — Empaty
Trixie Lulamoon — Humility
Starlight Glimmer — Justice
Derpy Hooves — Wisdom
safe1616104 artist:3d4d1045 applejack162616 derpy hooves48649 fluttershy203036 pinkie pie207526 rainbow dash224090 rarity173821 starlight glimmer45658 sunset shimmer58926 trixie64027 twilight sparkle288361 alicorn206167 boast busters1045 equestria girls187633 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2575 rainbow falls1573 the cutie map4031 mane six30384 saddle bag5406 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118403


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Background Pony #25DD
@Background Pony #9AE2
He's not a pony, so he doesn't get an element. They, afterall, take the form of the ponies cutie mark.

Spikes just a pet, as is confirmed by Equestria Girls.
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