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Possible titles for the last 3 episodes of the show.


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Background Pony #A953
I know the title is really silly but ya'll it's because it pairs up with the beginning two parter of the season, The Beginning of the End. It's bookended titles.

And now I want to protect this silly title because no one else likes it and that makes me feel bad for it.
Background Pony #93B9
Episodes are in order

_Episode 24: The Ending of The End Part 1
Episode 25: The Ending of The End Part 2
Episode 26: The Last Problem_

This is the first time since Season 3 that we've had a one episode finale, but this works since it's a series finale and a prologue.
Background Pony #B1F6
@northern haste

Doubt it, the Halloween/Christmas episodes were a way to get past the 20 episode per year limit that Nick has while doing the obligatory clipshow episode that each season has had since Lost Galaxy (and Super Sentai also started getting getting clipshow episodes around that time).

Also it's unlikely to be a holiday special.
Background Pony #A31C
tbh i dont make too high expectations
probably will just be "grogar attacks and destroy everything but m6 restore it and then they have a party to celebrate evil is no more"
Background Pony #2B47
wrong order
The Ending of The End is the finale but The Last Problem is the final episode something like a epilogue