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A simple map of the Equestria Rail Company.
safe1579217 oc606973 pony848467 rainbow falls1548 appleloosa258 applewood26 arimaspi territory18 baltimare55 canterlot5061 chicoltgo8 crystal empire2034 crystal mountains12 detrot14 dodge city15 dodge junction24 equestria487 equestria map1 fillydelphia130 foal mountain8 friendship express366 galloping gorge6 ghastly gorge78 griffonstone239 high res21525 hollow shades27 kirin grove10 las pegasus130 luna bay5 manehattan953 map1213 mount aris175 our town255 ponyville5065 rock farm480 san franciscolt6 seaddle32 sire's hollow138 smokey mountains19 tall tale11 train2227 trottingham31 unicorn range12 vanhoover35 whinnyapolis6 whitetail woods47 windsoar3 winsome falls35 yakyakistan137


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The one leading to Mount Aris should be gray because it’s outside Equestria and therefore can be considered a different country.