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I know I probably don’t have to say this again but this is still edited with permission.

The original image of this was rated suggestive and if the original's going to be suggestive then please keep
this rated suggestive as well I want to keep it like the original.
suggestive127886 artist:thepianistmare212 edit117469 editor:undeadponysoldier1053 silver spoon6217 spike74808 oc604127 oc:klavinova326 dragon48101 earth pony198471 pony844694 anime sweat drop6 awkward913 bedroom eyes51404 bowtie8579 butt27282 canon x oc21989 cuffs (clothes)1064 female898047 filly59470 jewelry50804 lucky bastard1350 male305093 mare414930 necklace15219 pearl necklace1000 plot71135 shipping183823 silverspike41 simple background345171 spike gets all the fillies23 spike gets all the mares710 spikenova23 straight121573 sweat22929 sweatdrop2318 white background86986


not provided yet


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