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Princess Luna is used to many forms of bondage and restraints, severe and long-term ones. So this position wouldn't be such a big deal really, if there wasn't a (very much used) sandal of her own sister dangling inches away from her face. Of course, she's directly exposed to the sweat-soaked side, offering a very detailed view of all the dark imprints, the patches of the almost completely worn fabric, the thin tattered straps. All the features of Celestia's majestic sole permanently stamped on the footwear, after decades of constant, heavy use. The sandal's sheer size (matches its owner's volume) leaves only a tiny portion of Luna's vision uncovered, which makes focusing her sight on anything else almost impossible. But she can at least completely avoid that, close her eyes and forget about it. Not so bad, right?

Well, what makes this predicament so much worse for the poor lunar mare is certainly the ballgag, secured in place with a snug head harness. Apart from it being absolutely huge, forcefully stretching her aching jaws, it also makes breathing possible through her nose only. With every breath, she takes in her sister's strong scent, a leathery, slightly sour and pretty feminime pedal aroma. Shutting her eyes only leaves room for intrusive, sensational fantasizing. Keeping them open however exposes her to visual stimulation too, always remindig her the origin of the allurng odor.

With all that mental struggle, she can almost forget about her own naked and exposed, feets, tied together painfully tight, ankles pressing harshly on each other. Or how hard her hair is being pulled from the ropes, putting constant pressure on her arched back. She knows she's already way too aroused from the whole situation and there are still plenty of hours left for the sun to set…

At least the carpet feels soft under her squished breasts!

Tormenting Luna in elaborate bondage scenarios is such a sweet joy uwu. Had a really good time drawing and writing this. Kinda related to this.

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suggestive139504 artist:fetishsketches742 princess luna97932 anthro253659 plantigrade anthro31297 ballgag6966 barefoot26825 big breasts79419 blushing192588 bondage32900 boob squish1325 breasts269675 busty princess luna6733 clothes448819 drool24221 feet38733 female1336180 femsub10499 fetish38719 foot fetish7539 gag14176 grayscale37353 hogtied567 horn62033 horn piercing184 humiliation2105 jeans3973 lunasub291 monochrome147846 olfactophilia241 pants14038 piercing39706 rope11199 rope bondage3840 sandals4162 signature23290 sketch61667 solo1043732 solo female176822 story included8782 submissive16241 toe tied479 toes6116


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You do extremely well with depicting the size difference between the two sisters.

That sandal is nearly bigger than the upper half of her body.
Background Pony #7CBD
I'm not into feet at all but your particular lunabuse really does it for me.