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Background Pony #E2D4
Dont look if u dont wanna get spoiled →She took Starlight to the cave where she put Cadence in during Season 2 final, our other protagonists minus Twilight are captured there too
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Did Chrysalis take the cocoon, with Starlight in, back to the hideout or did she just left it out in the freezing cold snow?

I haven’t seen the finale yet, cos I rather wait for the upcoming episodes to come out on their release days than release early
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Background Pony #5737
Season 6: Starlight saves everyone from Chrysalis, she's a mary-sue.

Season 9: Starlight gets captured by Chrysalis, she's weak and powerless.

Looks like writers finally learned their lesson by listening to the fans. sarcasm
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Background Pony #BA03
And of course Starlight is a damsel in distress because she can barely do anything. At least she got what she deserves.
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